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Expenses in Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Language

Fees for undergraduate, graduate and  Long-term Chinese Training programs

1. Tuition:  RMB 7600/semester    RMB 15,000/schoo year

2. Accommodation: RMB 3600/semester  RMB 7200/school year

3. Registration: RMB 400

4. Insurance: RMB 600/school year

Fees for Short Term Chinese Training or Cultural Experience Course

1.Tuition:  RMB 1000/week     RMB 1500/2 weeks

RMB 1800/3 weeks   RMB 600/week( for above 4 weeks )

2.Accommodation: Single room: RMB 50/day/room

Double room: RMB 30/day/person

3.Registration:  RMB 400

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